Capitax empowers you with information, advice and specialised skills, knowledge and extensive experience to enable you to make informed decisions. Capitax ensures that you, as the South African resident, enjoy ALL the tax benefits that you are entitled to in terms of the Income Tax Act 58/1962 and Tax Administration Act 28/2011,  varying from exemptions, double taxation agreements, arrangements between countries, foreign taxes paid by you to foreign governments including withholding taxes taken from your foreign earnings. 


Our service offerings extend to include the following expats, finding themselves in these scenario’s:

  • South African residents working for SA employers on contract abroad for specified periods
  • SA residents working for foreign employers on contract abroad
  • SA residents that work and live abroad, with their families or without
  • SA residents that still has their home in SA, but are absent on work contracts for extensive periods of time
  • SA residents that also have residency in another country (dual citizenship)
  • SA residents that are only working on a work permit/visa, living abroad, but only has SA citizenship
  • SA residents that are crew members, for example: oil rig workers, divers, yachties. We specialise in off-shore workers and their tax benefits/relief as most of them are guarded and protected by the Maritime Act 5/1998 that overrides the Income Tax Act 58/1962. This is the reason why the introduction of the R1 million exemption ceiling does not effect a bona-fide crew member.

Oil Rig in the middle of the ocean with a beautiful sunset.


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