Capitax is situated in the Cape Town Metropole and has been providing tax and accounting services to individuals for well over 30 years. We service clients all around the world and pride ourselves in understanding each of our clients’ individual circumstances by keeping current on new tax laws and legislation. This puts us in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities customised to each clients needs in minimising current and future tax liabilities.


Prior to the 2012 tax year, there were limited legislative frameworks in place relative to tax compliance for South Africans working abroad: either for a foreign employer or a South African registered employer. This gap was the result of our income tax system changing from being source-based to being residence-based a decade prior. In the 2012 budget speech, mention was made of SARS’ intention of targeting South African residents earning foreign income. A specialised expat unit was subsequently established by SARS and is now fully operational to ensure that our expats conform to their individual tax responsibilities. Furthermore, SARS can now identify foreign income earners via PAYE reconcilations, irrespective if tax was deducted from your income or not. Several SARS Interpretation Notes have been updated and the e-filing system revised to now accommodate foreign income earners relevant to how and where to declare such income.

In the 2017 tax year the Income Tax Act 58/1962 was amended to limit the exemption of foreign employment income to R1,25 million per tax year, commencing on 1 March 2020 – the 2021 tax year. Bona fide crew members will not be effected by the change in legislation, in lieu of such persons obtaining their 183 full, 24-hour days between March and February within a relevant tax year.  This change in legislation is currently creating confusion and panic, resulting in many South Africans uprooting their families to emigrate, without first obtaining the necessary knowledge relevant to how this change might impact them.


Aletta Theron
Registered Tax Practitioner

I started my passion for tax working as a senior lecturer at SARS for well over 15 years. Here I was taught the gravity of effectively interpreting law and teaching the next generation of tax practitioners. Read More

Johan Theron
Managing Director
Registered Tax Practitioner

My drive for compliance started when I too, as Aletta, worked at SARS. Having an entrepreneurial background, my professional tax and accounting experience extends well over 30 years.

Zanmari Robbertse
Registered Tax Practitioner

I tie up all the loose ends and synergystically work with the team in ensuring deadlines are met, clients are informed and quality control standards are met relevant to collecting and organising all documentary evidence.

Janine Smith

I provide a supportive role in file preparations and administration. My perfectionism and flare to finance, having obtained a diploma in accounting, serves me as I embrace each day assisting our clients in their compliance with SARS.

Jolette Forbes
Registered Tax Practitioner

Having achieved a masters qualification, I pride myself in adding to the team a more analytical, systematic approach to the services we offer.

Ross Abercrombie

Currently studying towards a management accounting qualification, I am living my passion at Capitax in overseeing all account related duties. And pay those invoices, folks!

Yvette Samaai

I love being challenged - my latest career move from accounts to tax proves this. When I’m not working on tax returns, you can find me making and selling earrings as my hobbies entice my creative passions. 

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