Capitax represents our clients in disputes surrounding various issues: from penalties to interpretation of the Income Tax Act 58/1962.

We have represented numerous clients on appeal level at SARS and the Ombudsman, where there has been a transgression from SARS side

We also represent client at alternative dispute hearings and have been successful in each hearing, including disputes on:
  • calculation on the number of days,
  • definition of the term: ‘crew member’
  • IRP5 incorrect codes supplied to an employee by an employer on foreign income
  • SARS’ incorrect calculations on foreign earnings
  • SARS’ incorrect calculations in old lump sums
We deal with Tax Administration Act disputes (Section 23) in which SARS is requested to withdraw an assessment based the grounds that an error has been made by the taxpayer, a representative, or the Commissioner. For incorrect assessments based on an error or oversight that is older than three years, we apply to the SARS Appeal Committee to have these incorrect assessments withdrawn.