Capitax strives to empower South Africans working abroad or working and living abroad with information, enabling individuals to make sound financial decisions in being tax compliant with SARS with the lowest tax payable responsibility.

Our services are not limited to any category of expat tax and we offer services from the most basic tax services: from verifications at SARS to intricate appeal cases and tax law. Whatever the client needs regarding foreign employment income and SARS requirements, we will provide in the best cost effective and quality of service.

We are proud to say that we are updated with the latest tax development and any news or information that is relayed to our clients are backed up with either a reference to the Income Tax Act 58/1962, Tax Administration Act 28/2011, SARS Interpretation Notes or relevant proof.

As most of our clients do no reside in Cape Town, we are reliant on internet contact. Be assured that we will build a personal relationship with each individual in order for you to feel at ease to ask any question relating to your personal tax situation and you will get the best advice from our team of foreign income taxation experts. Your tax situation will remain highly confidential as you are protected by the Oath of Secrecy as stipulated in the Income Tax Act 58/1962.

Not an expat? Do not fret … although we specialise in expat tax, as SARS registered tax practitioners, we are equipped to deal with all local tax matters


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